Magic8 from No I In Clare

Magic 8 from No I In Clare

Do you sometimes struggle to get people to see your point of view?
Does presenting fill you with fear or do you just want to get better at it?
Do you want to hit your sales targets every time?
Do you wish that you could create and sustain better relationships inside and outside of work?
Would you like to diffuse those arguments before they even start?
Do you want to get your kids to listen to you?
Do you want people to view you as the go to person?
Do you want to gain in confidence, be assertive, learn how to influence, sell, negotiate, coach, give feedback, delegate or motivate?
Do you want to breeze through difficult conversations, be a great presenter, network well, have effective meetings?

If you’ve answered ’Yes’ to any of these questions, then Magic 8 is your perfect solution. 

Through a mixture of face-face training, 1-1 coaching practice and hugely engaging videos, you will learn the only 8 skills you will ever need to be a highly effective and successful communicator.
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Clare and her team were fantastic. They were fun, entertaining, extremely insightful and brought loads of help and experience to the hundreds of delegates. Thank you.

No I In Clare, Fun and Dynamic Training | NHS

Tony Bristol, Events Director

National NHS Conference

Clare was great at helping us understand how to communicate better with customers during disruption.

No I In Clare, Fun and Dynamic Training | East Coast Trains

Richard Hughes, Train Guard

East Coast Trains

It was extremely useful for Clare to play our Customers from around the world. She inhabited the characters perfectly and gave me so much insightful feedback on how I communicate with Suppliers. The training was invaluable.

No I In Clare, Fun and Dynamic Training | Tesco

Matthew Knight, Senior Buyer

Tesco Senior Buying Team