We ADORE delivering at Conferences. We bring high energy, excitement, fun, humour and a whole host of learning to your Conferences.

FLEXIBLE – We are!  We can work with your conference delegates all day (and host/run the conference) or for just an hour.  Whatever your needs and requirements are, we will meet and exceed them!  Clients always tell us how memorable we were (for good reasons!) and how engaged their delegates felt.

Here are some ideas/themes we work with (list by no means exhaustive!)

Bringing Your Values to Life

Values Launch

A New Brand Launch

Putting the Customer at the heart of the business

The Way Forward

Exceeding Expectations

Celebrating our Success so far

Working as a Team

Creating One Vision

Quality Communication

Let’s not forget our roots!

Oozing Customer-Centricity!

We started at Lands End, we are now at Penrith, how do we get to John O’Groats?

We can help you come up with a theme and create your vision for a truly exciting, engaging and memorable Conference. We want your Conference delegates to feel loved and valued; just as much as you do.

Clare and her team were fantastic. They were fun, entertaining, extremely insightful and brought loads of help and experience to the hundreds of delegates. Thank you.

No I In Clare, Fun and Dynamic Training | NHS

Tony Bristol, Events Director

National NHS Conference

Clare was great at helping us understand how to communicate better with customers during disruption.

No I In Clare, Fun and Dynamic Training | East Coast Trains

Richard Hughes, Train Guard

East Coast Trains

It was extremely useful for Clare to play our Customers from around the world. She inhabited the characters perfectly and gave me so much insightful feedback on how I communicate with Suppliers. The training was invaluable.

No I In Clare, Fun and Dynamic Training | Tesco

Matthew Knight, Senior Buyer

Tesco Senior Buying Team

Just some of our clients