Bespoke Comedy Songs

If you have a message you want to get over to your Organisation, Team or Department and you want it delivered in an innovative, engaging and exciting way - then ask us to write a comedy bespoke song for you. Using the best composers and singers in the business, we will produce for you a hilarious masterpiece you can play at your Conferences, Team Meetings and Away Days.

To experience a flavour of how people react  – press play below:

The musical team at No I in Clare have written and produced music for well-known musicals and worked as musical advisors for TV programmes such as Sky One’s Fortitude and the BBC’s Mapp and Lucia.  They can often be found playing and singing with orchestras such as the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. 

Do listen to a compilation of some of our amusing Ditties…
You may recognise a song about a certain Politician!

Comedy Songs Compilation

The Development Shed Jingle

Clare and her team were fantastic. They were fun, entertaining, extremely insightful and brought loads of help and experience to the hundreds of delegates. Thank you.

No I In Clare, Fun and Dynamic Training | NHS

Tony Bristol, Events Director

National NHS Conference

Clare was great at helping us understand how to communicate better with customers during disruption.

No I In Clare, Fun and Dynamic Training | East Coast Trains

Richard Hughes, Train Guard

East Coast Trains

It was extremely useful for Clare to play our Customers from around the world. She inhabited the characters perfectly and gave me so much insightful feedback on how I communicate with Suppliers. The training was invaluable.

No I In Clare, Fun and Dynamic Training | Tesco

Matthew Knight, Senior Buyer

Tesco Senior Buying Team

Just some of our clients